Working for a family to find happy

Working for a family to find “happy”

In the past six months, the major media have burst out of the “happy network” from time to time. Here, I just said that someone made a timetable to set an alarm clock to steal food. There was also a saying that someone forgot to accept the result of the result of the lover’s eyes and the fun of playing in the company.As a result, there are many news that the work is frequently mistaken and warned to be fired. What is more, the old mother who left the hospital bed went home to look after the vegetable garden and pasture. In the past few months, the society has been carrying out a lot of enthusiasm.Has the company already joined the “Rebel Alliance”?
In the company, I am holding a vegetable garden and a ranch every day. Are colleagues who are ready to steal food and steal milk at any time and have received a warning letter or even been dismissed?
銆€銆€Recently, the 39 Health Psychology Channel specially launched the 鈥淲hich Kaixin Network Can Make You Easier鈥?network survey, and gained nearly tens of netizens’ participation in the week.
How big is the impact of the SNS community led by
Let’s talk with the data!
銆€銆€How many people go to work “happy”?
銆€銆€In fact, is just a virtual network community. Today, when Internet technology is so mature and universal, how many companies see it as a public enemy?
Why does this seemingly simple and even childish game firmly attract a large number of 80s or even 70s?
And how many people are really “working online for more than 2 hours a day, indulging in web games and major forums and other things that are irrelevant to work, no active and enterprising work mentality, have passed and lived”Family?
銆€銆€Question 1: How long do you play online on Happy Online?
銆€銆€Among the 868 netizens who participated in the survey, 38% of the netizens were happy within half an hour each day; 39.
6% of netizens are 0.
5 to 1 hour; 15.
7% of netizens are in 1 to 3 hours; and 1.
7% of netizens are in 3-6 hours; 5% of netizens even stayed online for more than 6 hours!
銆€銆€Question 2: Have you played SNS community games like during business hours?
銆€銆€For this question, the answer is not only 31.
2%, and the netizens who went to find “happy” during working hours accounted for 68.
銆€銆€Question 3: Have your colleagues or friends played such games during business hours?
銆€銆€The answer to this survey is even more surprising, up to 82.
7% of netizens reported that there are colleagues or friends around to find “happy” during work hours!
銆€銆€It is no wonder that so many companies raise the banner of 鈥渁nti-house鈥? During the working hours, the employees plant flowers and grow flowers, grow vegetables, and then feed the chickens and raise the cows. Who will work?
銆€銆€What makes employees so happy?
銆€銆€Question 1: What is your favorite game on Happy Online?
銆€銆€Although continues to innovate, various small games emerge in an endless stream, but the most popular ones are the three old games that buy houses (including buying houses, growing vegetables, pastures), fighting for cars, and buying and selling friends. The proportion of support is 37.
9%, 20.
2% and 9.
銆€銆€Question 2: What do you think is the most fun game of buying a house, growing vegetables, breeding, and racing?
銆€銆€The most popular play to buy a house, grow vegetables, breed, and compete for a car, is actually similar to the already-developed “virtual city” game, even more simple, but it is just that the interface and function are slightly naive.The game has attracted nearly 90% of the netizens who participated in the survey.
4% of netizens think that these games can make them very happy because “just spend time, planting vegetables, breeding, parking, I will certainly have something to gain”; 29% of netizens feel that “you can go steal food, steal animals, stick,It takes no effort, it’s so cool鈥? 22.
5% of netizens think that in these games, “making money is easy, you can buy a good house, a good car”, very happy!
銆€銆€What is the most unpleasant thing about
銆€銆€Question: What makes you the most unhappy thing on Happy Online?
銆€銆€It’s not difficult to make money online. Selling a few dishes and a few flowers can earn thousands of happy coins. In the process, in addition to waiting for a certain amount of time, other 鈥渨atering鈥?and 鈥渃atching insects鈥?are maintained.The work is also very simple.
Although not much can be harvested, and these gains can not be exchanged into the real world currency, but still have 40.8% of the netizens were so unhappy about “planting vegetables”, “raised animals” were stolen, and “cars were stuck”, and there were 15.

8% of netizens will be very unhappy because they “can’t always steal other people’s things.”

Really have the right to a relaxed mindset, no matter the gains and losses in the game, the netizens only account for 20.


銆€銆€Expert analysis: So simple online games, in the end, what attracts users?

The reason why the well-known online games attract people mainly includes the following points: 1. If you have paid, you can harvest the vegetables on the Internet. If you are optimistic about your own garden, you will get the corresponding reward when you work hard. This is actually in real life.Hard to achieve.

Because the “thief” behavior in the game is allowed, the netizen’s labor results may be stolen by others, thus stimulating the behavior of netizens to protect their own labor results, and more willing to spend a lot of time on it.

銆€銆€In fact, this is a reflection of our real life: after the 80s of, the post-70s netizens are now in a rising stage of personal career. The problem that is commonly encountered at this stage is competition!

The result of competition is nothing more than two: getting or losing.

At present, our country’s overall environment is still immature, and vicious competition often occurs. In many cases, the situation we encounter is intended to be the same. The results of our hard work have been plagiarized by improper means, and eventually we have lost the harvest.Achieving expectations, and even all efforts have been lost.

銆€銆€The reality of cruelty itself, many people began to spend a lot of time to seek comfort through this simple online game, but on another level, spent a lot of time for virtual online games, work, life is affected, netizens in real lifeI will lose more things in it.

銆€銆€2, opportunistic to steal food, have no effort in the virtual world of the happy network, “thief” behavior is “reasonable and legal” existence, it has stimulated the potential speculation of netizens: since you can get it without payingHarvest, why not?

So many people began to pay attention to the harvest time of their friends’ home gardens, and they rushed to steal the fruits at the first moment.

The real-life smuggling of theft has become a blatant robbing on the Internet, which makes Professor Shen Jiahong worry that the long-term immersion in this game environment has a serious impact on the morality of potential people, so that in realityWill take possession of others by unscrupulous means.

銆€銆€3, who will indulge in such a network world can not extricate themselves?

銆€銆€Professor Shen believes that if a person is successful in real life and has achieved breakthrough achievements, he will not indulge in these virtual online games.

If a person would rather give up a lot of things in real life and get a sense of satisfaction in the virtual world of the Internet, it is a reflection of his real life as a frustrated person.

銆€銆€Such “squatters” are often less competitive than others, or traumatized in the competition, so that they cannot achieve a sense of accomplishment and are under great pressure, but they cannot be resolved in real life.

The emergence of provides a way to achieve a certain buffer pressure, but from another perspective, it also leads to an escape from stress.

銆€銆€4. How to properly relieve stress?

銆€銆€The number of users of and its similar SNS website has soared. Various simple online games have made so many people deeply immersed in it. From one aspect, it reflects that modern people are under great pressure and cannot find a better way to solve them.

Professor Shen suggested that the correct way to relieve pressure is to be brave enough to face stress; secondly, to find sources of stress, find problems, and solve problems.

There are two kinds of problems to solve. One is that you can use all the resources to solve the problem. In fact, many problems are impossible to solve with all our efforts. At this time, we must learn to accept.After all, people are not omnipotent.

Finally, Professor Shen said that as long as we have tried our best, no matter whether the problem can be solved, we must accept the result and then let go. Only then can we get more power and move forward easily.

銆€銆€Is it really useful for the company to strictly combat the “搴愯垗鏃??

銆€銆€Since the popularity of the happy network, many network providers have followed suit to develop similar games, such as Tencent, Tianya Forum, etc. have launched “Happy Ranch”, more and more netizens become their loyal players.

Therefore, regardless of whether or not they have joined the 鈥淩ebel Alliance鈥? many companies have introduced corresponding systems that can log in to such websites during working hours, and offenders will be severely cracked down or even expelled.

銆€銆€Question 1: What is your attitude towards the company’s strict prohibition on employees logging in to unrelated websites during business hours?

銆€銆€Question 2: Do you think that the company’s strict system can play a positive role in restraining employees?

銆€銆€For the company to introduce such a policy, 50% of netizens said it does not matter, 28.

7% of netizens expressed opposition, only 21.

3% of netizens expressed agreement.

When asked if the company’s strict system can play a positive role in restraining employees?


6% of netizens believe that “the more complete the system, the more beneficial to the development of employees”; 55.

3% of netizens believe that “there is a certain role, but more attention should be paid to the construction of a healthy corporate culture”; another 23.

6% of netizens think that “no, there are countermeasures under the policy, ‘officials forced the people against”.

銆€銆€Experts analyzed, Professor Shen said that a perfect corporate system can indeed fulfill the role of regulating employee behavior, but if you want to bring the attention of employees who indulge in online games back to work, it is not enough to have a strict system.Attention should be paid to the establishment of a good corporate culture, to the transformation of a positive company, and to the development of good professional ethics.

In addition, the correct pressure to care for employees is also very important.

“The so-called parental management of children with internet addiction, no child has been able to quit Internet addiction because of the parents’ snoring.Professor Shen finally said: “Enterprise companies should pay attention to the simple and rude means such as strict system alone to help solve addiction, the most effective method is to divert.