Barbell Exercise Shapes Charm

Barbell Exercise Shapes Charm

Speaking of barbells, people will think of weightlifting and think that its dangerous breakthrough is actually the same.

It may seem like barbell exercise is a strength-type fitness program, but it is actually a low-intensity, but very interesting sport. It is a popular program in fitness clubs now.

  The trend of modern office workers According to Gao Xindong, the national aerobics instructor of the China Airline Store in China, the aerobic barbell exercise in English means “charge the body”.

  It allows you to experience a relatively fast weight-loss exercise. The use of barbells in combination with aerobics and music improves the fitness effect and shapes the attractive body shape, which can make your body fully relaxed. The principle of weight-loss is mainly through proper weight and continuous physical exercise.Coming up with energy, exciting music, strong will and loud shouts.

  It can not only speed up the metabolism of the practitioners, the young people who burn quickly, but also exercise the endurance of the practitioners, improve self-confidence, refresh your spirit and keep you in a good working state. Now most people are under great work pressureThey will choose barbell exercise to reduce stress. For urban white-collar women, barbell exercise is also an easily accepted fitness program.

  Many women prefer barbell exercises. Many exercises of barbell exercises are performed in postures. This way, muscle tissues in many parts of the body are loaded with weights and repeated exercises to strengthen metabolism. Its main role is to shape muscle shape and enhance muscle strength and durability.Sex and bone density.

Relevant research and surveys show that every 60 minutes of barbell training sessions cost men an average of 556 calories and women consume an average of 390 calories.

  The barbell exercise uses a standardized training method and performs a series of free weight-bearing exercises to allow the trainer to get more passion from the crowd barbell training.

What’s more important is that many women practice together, they can motivate each other, drive each other, and compete with each other to achieve a quantity and quality that cannot be achieved by one person.

When you endure each movement for 3 to 4 minutes, the exercise of female endurance is really effective.

  Curriculum of barbell exercises: Each routine of barbell exercises is divided into ten sections, each section is 5 minutes.

Usually, barbell exercises use a standardized training method, perform a series of free weight training exercises, and challenge each muscle in your body under the specified continuous pursuit of maximum intensity.

  When practicing, choose a barbell of the appropriate weight, each by 2.

It is composed of 5 kg, 5 kg, and 10 kg. You can choose by your own ability, coupled with rhythmic music, you can continuously inject vitality in the shouts of your teammates.

The coach will adjust the weight of the barbell according to the physical condition of the practitioner.

Doing different exercises consumes different speeds, so you don’t have to worry about becoming “five big and three rough” after practicing for a long time.

  The main movements are exercises with a barbell, dancing in harmony with music, and training with the body.

Move the barbell up and down in front of your chest, then over your head and on your back, and then up and down behind you.

  If it’s for wrist and arm exercises, you can replace a barbell piece, hold the barbell piece in front of you, relax and stretch with music.

You can also take off all the barbells on one side, then lift the barbell, hold the barbells on the other side with both hands, lift your toes, and rotate ups and downs, so that after four minutes or so, your step will feel sore and numb, You should continue to practice with another action.

  Some training of body muscles will be included in the training, and some stretching and stretching exercises will be performed to make each movement more in place and more harmonious, and also avoid the possibility of muscle injury.

  Attentions for barbell exercises: First, wear the same close-fitting as boxing, so that loose clothing will not affect the action. Wear comfortable and soft-soled sneakers under your feet. Second, you should do it according to the rhythm of music.For movement, use music as the standard for speed. Third, do not fully straighten the joints during exercise, and provide a cushion for your body, and the exercise effect will be better. Fourth, you should master the amount of exercise according to your situation, and do not force it too much.If you ca n’t keep up, you need to stop in time. The final action must be done correctly according to the requirements. You will not be injured if you finish the action with high quality. Gaoxin Dong usually asks all members in this way.