How to raise nine tricks in winter, you must know


How to raise nine tricks in winter, you must know

Winter is a cold season and a good time for health.

What is the method of winter health?

Winter health, not the more comfortable and warmer the better.

Proper contact with cold air can exercise the respiratory system.

People who “get angry” eat cold food, which also helps to remove heat.

The nine coups that must be known are suitable for cold food. Although the internal climate is cold in winter, people often wear thick clothes and spend most of their time in rooms with heating or air conditioning. Together with air drying, the amount of activity is relatively insufficient, which is easy to cause.The accumulation of heat in the body cannot be distributed in a timely manner.

If you eat too much mutton, dog meat and other warm foods, it is easy to cause heat in the body, appearing “fire” phenomenon, such as oral mucosal ulcers, pharyngitis, constipation, hemorrhoids and so on.

Therefore, in the winter, for friends with gastrointestinal health, if you can choose to eat “cold” food such as cold dishes, “cool” food or drink cold water according to your own situation, it is not only harmless, but also beneficial, but alsoIt is a winter health care method.

Don’t refuse cold air. Too many people will stop their fitness activities in winter.

Studies have shown that the difference between air and skin temperature stimulates, can strengthen the body temperature regulation activities, make skin vasoconstriction, improve muscle excitability and contraction ability; at the same time effectively improve visceral function.

Regular outdoor exercise can enhance the body’s ability to adapt to temperature changes.

Therefore, mastering scientific methods and performing a variety of fitness exercises have also achieved good results.

Winter optional jogging, aerobics, tai chi, indoor equipment practice, winter swimming and so on.

Abstinence is not desirable to maintain health should be “in time, smooth geography”, the natural laws of the four seasons are “spring, summer long, autumn harvest, winter Tibetan”, winter health is expensive in “hidden”, so the ancients have long been “winter abstinence”.

In winter, the human body needs a lot of energy to keep out the cold, and sexual life consumes its own energy.

Excessive labor is easy to affect your health.

But it does not mean that sex is stopped in winter.

A regular sex life is good for people.

However, how to master the frequency of sexual life varies from person to person.

Two notes are not allowed in winter. People often have too much urine or sputum due to fear of cold. However, they are very harmful to the body and cause many diseases.

Long-term urinary bladder bladder in the bladder more accumulated, urine containing bacteria and toxic substances in time to transfer, easy to cause cystitis, urethritis, dysuria, hematuria or residual urine and other diseases; serious, urinary tract infections canSpread up to the kidneys, causing pyelonephritis.

People who often urinate, prostate disease, and the incidence of bladder cancer are significantly higher.

The stool is not discharged in time, and the water is continuously absorbed repeatedly, resulting in difficulty in discharging the stool.

Toxins in the stool accumulate in the body for too long, harmful substances are absorbed by interaction, and there will be symptoms such as lack of energy, dizziness, fatigue and loss of appetite.

In the long run, the environment of the flora in the constant is destroyed, resulting in various nasal and intestinal diseases such as constipation, anal fissure, and hemorrhoids.

Insulation and cold protection In winter, the temperature is low, and the exposed parts of the skin are easily frostbite, such as hands, heads, and parts.

Others such as the foot are also susceptible to freezing, so you should pay attention to the cold insulation of these parts, you can keep the scarf, gloves, earmuffs, cotton shoes and other warmth, you can rub your hands and ears at any time, pad your feet and exercise at the right time.

Avoid wearing clothes and shoes before and after, and at the same time, you must go out after washing your face.

Wearing a soft winter cold dress, if you don’t pay attention to wear, it is more likely to feel itchy skin.

This is due to the constant friction between the body and clothes, clothes and clothes to generate static electricity, which is caused by static electricity.

Therefore, in the winter, cotton should be replaced as much as possible, such as silk, underwear, shirts, etc., which are not easy to generate static electricity.

At the same time, we must pay attention to the clothes. If you wear a polyester shirt, you should not wear a Neil Sweater. If you wear synthetic fiber clothes, you should not wear an insulating polyester coat on the outside to prevent static electricity.

Skin exercises enhance skin movement and enhance skin’s ability to adapt to cold conditions.

Can be used for cold water bath, air bath, sunbathing, massage, etc., or insist on washing cold water face, cold water to wipe the body.

The concept of health care for Chinese medicine in early sleep is particularly prominent. “Heaven and man are united”, the winter is cold and the grass is dying, and the animals and plants are in a state of hibernation to recharge their batteries and prepare for the coming year.

The human body should also appropriately reduce the activities in accordance with the characteristics of nature, so as not to disturb the yang and loss of yin.

Therefore, traditional health education puts people to go to bed early in the winter, which is conducive to the accumulation of yang and the accumulation of yin essence, which is good for health.

Moisturizing and anti-dry winter bath has four taboos: avoid washing too hard, avoiding too hot water, taboo too heavy, avoid soap too alkaline.Otherwise, it is easy to damage the skin’s original sebum, making the skin drier and thus more itchy and chapped.

How many times a week does the bath take?
2 times is appropriate.

After bathing, you can rub some licorice oil, anti-itch cream, moisturizer, etc. to keep the skin moist and prevent the skin surface from drying out.