Climbing helps babies explore the world

Climbing helps babies explore the world

Toddler children have a strong interest in climbing.

As the saying goes, newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, don’t belittle them, they can’t walk even in a stable way, but they are very confident in the conquest.

At this time you are enough to bother to satisfy his desire to climb, and to ensure that he is safe from mistakes.

  It is normal for babies to like to climb higher when they are learning to walk.

Most children are prosperous in Berlin at the age of two, love sports and are curious, and climbing high can help them explore the world beyond their eyes.

What parents should do at this time is not to stop their interest in encouraging them, or to encourage them to safely climb the “peak”.

  Experts point out that coping with physical challenges helps the development of young children’s frontal lobe and cerebellum. The former is the center of the brain responsible for reasoning and problem solving, and is always responsible for balance and coordination.

Like climbing, walking, moving and other sports, climbing high can cultivate the baby’s sense of space.

When the baby successfully climbs up the sofa or steps up the stairs, he / she has a better understanding of the relationship between his body and the world, and has a better understanding of how to adjust his movements.

  If the baby often climbs up and down in a certain place, parents should pay attention to whether he / she is looking for something.

My friend’s daughter Jiaqi always stepped on a small bench to cover the bookshelf of the bookshelf for 15 months. The careful mother moved her cartoon to the lower level of the bookshelf. Since then, Jiaqi never climbed the bookshelf again.

  Even if the baby falls from a height inadvertently, the parents need not be too nervous.

If the child slides down from a place comparable to their height, it is generally not hurt. The hard cranium and soft joints are natural umbrellas.

Occasionally throwing a force can strengthen your baby’s perception of danger, which is also a required course in the child’s growth process.

The baby’s nature of climbing is not easy to stop. Parents can help him / her turn to safer activities, such as using a few cartons to form a tunnel and let him / her crawl inside.

If your baby is not interested in climbing, you don’t have to worry about it, because some kids are just drilling holes or drilling tables to satisfy their desire to detect.

No matter what method the baby uses, parents should not always follow him / her: “Be careful!

be careful!

“It’s best to give proper encouragement to help your baby explore this new world for him / her, while keeping it safe.

  Safety code 1, guardrails must be installed outside the windows of children’s rooms in high-rise buildings.

  2. Keep the coffee table away from the sofa.

  3. Keep the bed and chair away from the window.

  4, remove the short bench, those things are easier to get up.

  5. Install pads at the corners of the table to avoid breaking your baby’s head.

  6. Put a carpet or cushion on the sofa and baby’s crib.

  7. Bookshelves, clothes racks and even TVs are tried and fixed together to prevent the baby from accidentally covering himself with a “thick quilt”.

  8. Table lamps, vases, and medicines must be placed out of sight and touch of the baby.