Summer heat should be heat removed


Summer heat should be heat removed

In the face of the hot summer sun, many people like to hide in the air-conditioned room, occasionally go out for a trip, come back and like to take a cold shower, let the body cool down quickly.

In fact, this is not desirable.

Experts believe that the head is prone to sweating after exercise or labor in the hot season. At this time, the blood vessels are dilated. If washed with cold water, it may cause abnormalities in the intracranial vascular function. When it occurs, there will be dizziness, black eyes and vomiting.May cause severe intracranial hemorrhage.

The summer temperature is close to the temperature of the human body, and the body heat dissipation method is mainly steaming. It is better to use heat to remove heat.

銆€銆€Drinking hot tea: Du Huizhen, director of the Nutrition Department of Qianfoshan Hospital in Shandong Province, said that caffeine, theobromine, theophylline and aromatic substances dissolved in hot tea can excite the brain nerves, facilitate the conduction of the body temperature center, and can be diuretic.It promotes blood circulation, increases blood flow to the kidneys, accelerates metabolism, and excretes excess urine in the body.

Drinking hot tea can promote blood flow to the body surface, sweat holes open, sweat glands relax, promote sweat discharge, and distribute transformation.

It is easy to have heatstroke in Sanfutian, tea polyphenols, vitamin C, ester polysaccharides and other ingredients, which have the functions of protecting cardiovascular health, reducing plasma and blood lipids, protecting hematopoietic function, raising white blood cells and enhancing disease resistance.Drinking tea has a great goal to prevent heatstroke.

銆€銆€Hot water feet: This should be true for the frail elderly and children.

Wash your feet with hot water before going to bed every night. The temperature of the foot washing water is higher than the body temperature, and the water volume is better than the cross joint.

If you insist on washing your feet with warm water every day, you can also adjust your blood, eliminate fatigue, increase your appetite, and relax your muscles. It has certain treatment and prevention for insomnia, neurasthenia, joint pain, indigestion, low back pain, stomach pain and other diseases.effect.

In the folk songs, “hot water soaking feet, winning tonic” is also the reason.

When people are soaked in warm water, the pores will open quickly, and the body’s instant can be released. Through repeated soaking, the body’s stuffiness can be completely eliminated, and the symptoms can be cured.

Experts also recommend strengthening heat-resistance exercise, heat-resistant exercise can improve body temperature regulation function, enhance heat adaptation, not only enhance physical fitness, but also effectively prevent heat stroke and other fever.

銆€銆€Sweating: It is a good way to cool with heat and sweat.

The human body has about 3 million sweat glands.

The discharge of sweat has the effect of regulating body temperature and also discharges part of the metabolic waste.

Nowadays, the popularity of air conditioners makes the sweat glands almost idle, even in the season of sweating – sweating is not often done in summer, which is harmful to health and unprofitable.

According to the academic opinion of the ancient famous doctor Zhang Zihe: the internal poisoning efflux, the evil spirits and the righteousness, the disease healed.

If the sweat gland is not smooth, it will lose an important detoxification pipeline, and it will lose an important line of defense against disease.

Starting from the four-season law and the law of life, it sweats when sweating.