The city of health care should come to the city


The city of health care should come to the city

Yingcheng, the ancient name of Puyang, ya called “Pu Sao’s homeland”, “Zuo Chuan” recorded “Pu Sao’s Battle” happened here.

There are three treasures in Yingcheng: hot springs, gypsum, rock salt, and the name of 鈥渢he town of Yanhai Hot Springs鈥?

Yingcheng fiber gypsum reserves rank first in the country, and first-grade fiber gypsum accounts for more than 82% of the national reserves. It is known as the 鈥淎sian Fiber Gypsum Kingdom鈥?

Gypsum nourishment.

During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, a large number of literati in the city wrote poems to sing the medicinal functions of gypsum.

“Gypsum pillow” is a good thing for the ancients to cool off. The poet Xue Feng of the Tang Dynasty wrote this poem: “The table is bright and not fake, and it is cold and snowy.

I am sent to the cool bed in the morning, I am afraid that the wind will catch up.

“Salt bath beauty.

鈥淪alt bath鈥?is the simplest and cheapest way to clean up the body.

Yingcheng has successively introduced refined salt, bath salt, beauty salt and seasoning salt, which is another way for people to maintain their health.

Lingquan raises the spirit.

“The goddess is a ghostland, and the soup pool flows.

“Tangchi Hot Springs was recorded in the “Shui Jing Zhu” of the Daoyuan in the Northern Wei Dynasty.”

Now, the national 4A-level attraction Tangchi Hot Spring attracts tourists from all over the world to come and relax.

Glutinous rice health.

In ancient times, many people in the city were brewing in Shibuya. The glutinous rice was the best product of the tribute. Nowadays, the glutinous rice has already gone abroad and become the main raw material for brewing rice wine.

Making a fuss about glutinous rice, a cultural industry park that integrates medicine, food and nutrition, nourishes every visitor.


Qu Yuan wrote “Li Sao” in Yingcheng, and his disciple Song Yu was living in Pu Sao.

Li Bai left the long poem of “Anzhou Jade Girl Soup”.

Ouyang Xiu made a poem when he was studying in Yingcheng: “Sang Luo Pucheng reminded the wine, and the Liu dynasty was a stranger.”

Red raises morality.

Here is Liu Renjing, a representative of the Chinese Communist Party, and the hometown of Xu Baiyu, a member of the first Central Supervisory Committee; the “Tangchi Training Class” founded by Tao Zhu, igniting the anti-Japanese bonfire in the Ezhong; Peng Tie, Zhang Qianguang, Ji Wei. Nearly a thousand martyrdoms of the city.

Red Yingcheng is a good place for people to cultivate their sentiments.

Ancient monuments.

The Taojiahu site, the gate of the Bay of the Bay, witnesses the civilization and progress of the humans in the Neolithic Age; the site of the ancient city of Pusao must be based on the foundation of the city and the Han culture; the Millennium Confucius Temple condenses the essence of Cheng and Zhu.

Yingcheng, the city that should come.

A lard cake, a steam buns, a sand shovel, a bottle of yellow beach soy sauce, a bowl of Chunhua bean husks, a sip of morning wine – these varieties of complex snacks, for the city’s first gourmet cityThe “Taste Valley” label.

Yingcheng, the capital of health.

Into Chuzhen Park, Longchi Mountain Villa, Gum Salt Ancient Town and National Mine Park, view the pastoral scenery, enjoy the farmer’s food, enjoy the autumn flowers, live in the characteristic B&B, and enjoy the colorful tourism activities such as parent-child picking, leisure fishing and folk customs.Let you experience the colorful folk activities.

bring it on!

Come and experience the grandeur of Pu Sao culture, the nourishment of Lingquan culture, and the magic of cream culture!