Is Pig Bajie a personal talent?

Is Pig Bajie a personal talent?

When talking about the Eight Commandments of the Pig, most people will have a delicious, lazy, ugly image in their minds.

To associate him with talent, I believe too many people will shake their heads.

However, the Guanyin Bodhisattva is located in the upper eight holes and the lower eight holes among the tens of thousands of immortals.

  This really deserves the following sentence: In the workplace, there are no beans that can’t be sold. Talents like Sun Wukong can’t be buried-whether you like it or not, the skills of others are obvious: Heaven and earth, demons and demons, almostNo one can fight, no one can deny or turn a blind eye.

But like Bajie, the ability is not particularly outstanding, but there are too many problems, and it is difficult to find and reuse in real life.

  Do n’t always be a hardworking bee. However, it is said that a website has conducted an investigation. Among the study groups led by Tang Seng, the most popular among female netizens is neither Tang Sanzang, who is not in trouble, nor Sun Wukong, who is a gigantic man.Honest and honest sand monk, and it is this delicious and lazy pig Bajie!

Numbers like Sun Wukong and Tang Seng are very rare, and the sand monks are too mundane and kind, and the eight precepts are quite impersonal-in a sense, the eight precepts are one of us ordinary people, and have a more affinity.

  How can we become a master of interpersonal affinity? In response to the eight precepts, Guanyin Bodhisattva is really superior.

It is said that if there is a serious style problem like this, and he still loves to make small reports, he will always be stunned for those who have a previous record of stagnation, even ordinary staff, and will not be accepted.

What’s more, it is a matter of great importance to heaven and the world, such as learning from the West?

  However, Guanyin Bodhisattva has unique eyesight and did not kill Bajie one fatally: Before the style problem was committed, Bajie was a marshal of the sky, and his kung fu was naturally extraordinary. The kung fu in the water was even more brilliant than his brother Sun Wukong.

Although love takes advantage, its real work also eliminates ambiguity.

Elite people like Sun Wukong who do rough, tired, and dirty jobs are unwilling to do it, and those who disdain do it are all eight precepts. Besides, the eight precepts are broad-minded. Although they are often teased by Sun Wukong, they are stillGoku maintains good feelings and friendship with comrades and brothers.

On the distant and arduous journey to Xitian, which is full of tensions and tensions, not only the daring Sun Wukong, but also the optimistic view of Bajie, a helper who can come forward at a critical moment.

  In fact, Zhu Bajie Zhen can be regarded as a very good employee. On the way of learning, he has always believed in a principle that even the nasty work must be done well!

  This involves a question of talent standards.

The ancients said: “The key to politics is to win people, and win the world.

“The first one is the determination of talent standards.

  After reading the hidden rules of the workplace, we often focus on such a mistaken area: or diploma-only theory, regardless of the unit, and necessarily the position, I hope everyone requires a college degree or higher.

Even if you have the ability to reach the sky, if you do n’t have that small book, you still do n’t want to go in; or you have a blind eye, ask for full blame, cross your nose and eyes, you are short, you are so ugly that you do n’t know what to do.The main advantage is to please the leaders and colleagues.

However, without personality, creativity is lost.

  Always remember: say what you think!

  The Goddess of Mercy knows the truth that “red flowers must match green leaves”.

In a unit, there must be not only strategic decision-makers but also down-to-earth maintenance technicians.

Therefore, when the Western Heaven learned the scriptures, the Guanyin Bodhisattva did not blindly require that his skills were as big as Wukong, and his character was as impeccable as Sanzang.

If so, one is that the group is difficult to form, and the other is that even if it is barely formed, it is not enough for these people-the skills are comparable, why are you the master brother behind you?

Why should I carry the horse instead of you?

  Choosing your own way to survive in the workplace shows that finding and using talents requires smart eyes and also the “principal scale”, and you can’t engage in Wu Dalang to open a store.

  Of course, not seeking full blame for talent does not mean laissez-faire.

A beautiful woman like Bajie treats him as a weak-willed person. He needs both the “forgiveness” of leaders and colleagues, and tolerates some of his “alternative” lifestyles and personalities that do not violate morals and laws.Supervision and restraint mechanism.

Therefore, in addition to the constant indoctrination of teacher Tang Seng every day, Wu Kong also often beats him. Even the silent monk Sha couldn’t overcome the blame when Bajie performed extremely poorly.

Every time the eight-circumstance can’t hold the bottom line, someone always pulls him, so that he can find the problem and solve it in time, so that the small ant hole will not cause the pipe to rush or even break the bank.

  Can you be the boss

  It should be said that Bajie finally achieved positive results. The bold use of Guanyin Bodhisattva and the criticism and supervision of comrades played a decisive role. Otherwise, Bajie may still be a monster in Gao Laozhuang and disrupt social order.